Getting Started…

Call me and we can discuss your food allergies and the types of food you like to eat such as Asian or Italian cuisine. This will give me a good idea of allergy friendly food alternatives that you will need. While on the phone consultation we will choose a store and a time to meet. Depending on your pace we can go to 1 or 2 stores within 2 hours.

Or email me a list of your food allergies and the types of foods you prefer to eat. Also include a list of stores where you do most of your grocery shopping and some convenient times for you to meet me at the grocery store. Including a typical grocery list is also helpful. I will then email or call you to confirm your appointment.

The Process…

Its simple. We meet at the store and I walk you through your grocery list. Please take a look at my image on my About page so you don’t miss me! As we go through the aisle I will make suggestions on products that you can eat. Our rate is very affordable per hour with a 2 hour min. If you feel you need more guidance and/or would like to visit other stores we would be happy to set up another appointment.


We accept cash and checks when the shopping is complete.

Soon to come:
Payment accepted via Google Wallet.


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