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Sami's Bakery millet-and-flax-bagel


Who doesn’t like bread?? Not me! I would eat it all day long if I could. So I was very happy to sample some bread my sister bought from Sami’s Bakery in Florida. So here are some suggestions if you would like to try this place. These are all gluten, yeast, corn, egg and dairy free.

Millet and Flax Cinnamon Chips, very, very good! Only had a few but could easily have eaten the whole thing! This is my first favorite!

Millet and Flax Onion Bagel, another yummy! We toasted it and put some fish ceviche (that my husband brought home) and made it into bruschetta. This is not for the faint-of-heart, it has a strong onion flavor so don’t forget your breath mints! This is my second favorite!

Millet & Flax Bread, good sandwich bread. Not the best I have had but very light for being egg-less!

Millet Sourdough Bread, don’t have this out of the bag! Toasting this bread makes it come alive. Not very sour, more like regular bread. Not my favorite but toasted with butter (Vegan) I liked it.

Millet Sourdough Bagels, same flavor as the Sourdough bread. Wasn’t great cold so I toasted it! Butter (Vegan butter) is always a good addition! It would be good for quick mornings but don’t forget to toast it or you will be eating Styrofoam.

Millet Flax Pumpkin Bread, not great. Had it cold and warm and it didn’t have much flavor. It was very light though, which surprised me.

Millet and Flax Cinnamon Bagel, not great. I was really hoping it would be like eating gluten-full ones. They used to be my favorite and hoped this would give me that taste but couldn’t even eat it cold. Toasted it didn’t even pass.

Hope you enjoyed reading this review. Was it helpful? Have you tried anything else that you liked from Sami’s? Please let me know!

Go ahead and eat the bread! Take care!