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If you are near LA you have to go here! It’s wonderful! They source locally and the lettuce really tastes like lettuce! Most gluten free and vegan!

We started with the Kale Colossus (massaged kale, SunChorizo, mushroom, bell pepper, onion, poco de gallo, three dressings, raisin, banana). It’s raw and I didn’t think I would like the banana on it but it worked.


Then we had their famous Mac & Cheese (Andean Dream quinoa pasta, tomato, cashew cheese sauce, garlic pecan crumble with lemon basil tossed baby greens)! It was served with a mixed green salad with a yummy tangy dressing. I have to say I’m picky about my Mac & Cheese but they mixed in tomatoes and it was very good! The only problem was my husband and I ordered it to share and I really didn’t want to after I tasted it. So when you go, order your own:)

They have lots of other things we want to try, like the Supreme Pizza (gf of course) or the Quinoa Risotto. We will be back!