She makes a good point. If we rotate our diet we are less prone to develop food allergies. One good way to do this is eat seasonally.

Experiences With Food Allergy Blog

How allergies form is an unknown phenomenon and many theories have been made.  It’s extremely sad to say, but the Medical Field has not been able to definitively explain the origins of Food Allergies.  They treat them, but they do not know how to prevent them.  Maybe they should listen to non-medical people who are in the trenches in the Battle of Staying Safe From Allergens.  I believe the ideas in this blog post will help prevent the onset of a very dangerous Sunflower Seed Allergy.  They might sting some people, but that usually is the basis for a lively discussion. 

With regards to my experiences and research with the Sunflower Allergy, I realize there may be several approaches to a variety of ways that one may develop a Food Allergy.  One approach, and in very specific cases, that Allergies form is thru a constant and repeated exposure to an…

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