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I have always wanted to try the whole dehydrated avocado thing and 118 degrees serves us up a wonderful feast! Their presentation was perfect and they were every helpful and taught us a few things about dehydrating times that I hope to use in the future. It just amazes me when I can eat in a restaurant and not have to explain every little thing gluten can be in. I can just order, what a concept!

We had:
Fried avocado mini-tostado
Crispy buckwheat shell, spicy pepita cheese, chopped spinach, cilantro, corn and fried avocado

Pesto stuffed mushrooms
Cremini mushrooms stuffed with pistachio pesto

Garden Dippers
Flax wrap with tahini cheese and daily julienned vegetables with avocado lime sauce

Wow this will be a regular spot every time we are near Costa Mesa!