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So my husband and I had our niece and nephew up for a long weekend. We had a fabulous time! They eat the typical American diet so going to Aunties was a little strange in the food department! So we made gluten and dairy free fun and kid friendly!

On the menu (I couldn’t shock them too much with our 80% raw food diet so we made kid friendly food) was pizza with cheese (df), spinach, pepperoni with a gf crust. We also made veggie sushi with rice, zucchini, avocado and seaweed wraps. Mac n cheese of course both gf and df. And the big hit was the grilled cheese of which I “hid” zucchini in it! Oh and to make me feel better while feeding them so many carb’s we made a veggie juice which had spinach, apples, carrots, cucumber, watermelon and pineapple. They had a glass before almost every meal. They loved it!

Kids are such a blessing even when they are picky eaters!