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Has your child just been diagnosed with Celiac’s or other food allergies? How are you handling it? Is it hard to find “normal” substitutes? Do you find yourself wishing this isn’t happening to your family? You work all day, take the kids to their piano lessons or sports practice then you get home and everyone’s starving. Do you reach for your old stand-by, maybe pasta or order a pizza? How can you succeed without pulling your hair out?

One solution, prepare on the weekend. Make a list of quick dishes you can make, taking into consideration the allergy causing foods and plan accordingly. You want your children to be healthy, to grow and excel. It’s up to you. If you need help just give us a call.

A great resource can be found at: http://www.celiac.com/articles/182/1/Unsafe-Gluten-Free-Food-List-Unsafe-Ingredients/Page1.html