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How do we judge success? By external or internal things? Do you judge your success by what the scale says? When I’m asked what diet are you on or what foods are you allergic to I just have to take a breath and remind myself that the world is very diet oriented. We can look at the world in a negative light or a positive one, it’s our choice. We can dwell on all the food we can’t eat or choose to see all the new possibles out there that we just haven’t explored yet!

So when people ask me that question I give them the allergy list and then follow it up with all the things I CAN eat. I eat to be healthy, to feel better not for a number on the scale. I won’t use the word diet again, think of it as a lifestyle. Your choosing to be healthy again, every bit at a time. The mind is a very powerful thing. Be positive, you can succeed!

Let me ask you, what do you say when people ask what kind of diet are you on?