We moved! Not to Mexico City but to Tijuana in June! I’m a gf beginner in Mexico so if you have any advice please pass it on! Gracias

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During my sister-in-law Raine’s visit last week we sought out the best examples of Mexican food that DF has to offer: in markets, in restaurants, at street stands, at my house… I even took her to my local Superama, the grocery store run by WalMart (where you can observe that that company certainly didn’t enter and dominate the market so quickly based on the quality of what they offer).

We didn’t worry too much about not eating veggies and fruits that had been washed in local water or avoiding ice in our drinks, and no one had any important stomach issues. I find that if you’re diligent about hand washing here, you can avoid most of the bugs that might cause you problems. The one thing we were careful to avoid was gluten. Raine does not have celiac disease, but she does have a serious gluten intolerance that caused her…

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